Personal Tuition with Dan

Dan runs a weekly class, workshops and residentials at his home, 9 Ashfield Road, Southgate, London, N14 7LA.

Tuesday evening Class 18:45-20:15:

This class is open to all levels. Please verify your place, under exceptional circumstances, and during camps - Tuesday evenings do not run.

Please email:, call or contact me 00447721867682 or contact through Facebook.


Workshops at Docherty Towers: 

Dan conducts a monthly workshop covering forms, weapons, tuishou & sanshou. Sometimes the workshop will be themed. Energetics workshops will cover Immortal Family 8 Pieces of Brocade, 12 Yin Nei Kung and their application, 12 Yang Nei Kung and their application.

24th September, 10:30-15:30 Tuishou, Drills & Practical applications.  15:30-18:30 Energetics revision of yin nei kung (15:30-16:30), revision of yang nei kung (16:30-17:45) Revision of Taoist Baduanjin (17:45-18:30)

Sat 7th Oct - 10:30-15:30.

Sat 4th Nov - 10:30-15:30 Weapon and Hand form corrections

Residentials at Docherty Towers:

Dan conducts residential weekends from Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday 10-1300 & 14-1700, Sunday 9-1200 & 1230-1530. The aim is to cover each topic in depth so that the general understanding of TCC will be enhanced. Advance booking is essential.

Subjects covered include:

1. Hand form and application.

2. Sanshou & conditioning.

3. Shuai jiao, qinna, dian xue and diepu.

4. Tuishou drills and application.

5. Sabre & Spear forms & applications.

6. Sword form & applications.

7. Tai Chi Classics in Action.

8. Other Neijia Chuan texts + Classic of Boxing.

9. Names & numbers in Tai Chi techniques.

Friday 20th-Sun 22nd Oct - subject: Tai Chi Classics in Action
Friday  10- Sun 12th   Nov - subject: Hand Form Corrections & Applications
Friday 1st - Sun 3rd Dec - subject: Sanshou, Qinna, Shuaijiao, Diepu, Dim mak