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Qigong Digital Videos - please click here

Basic video [Duration 15m 45s], PDF [7 A4 pages]

Advanced video [Duration 22m 28s], PDF [10 A4 pages]

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 Long Form Digital download

daniel docherty · Intro Long Form

(digital, with audio) £33 



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The Complete Tai Chi Tutor: A structured course to achieve professional expertise 
Dan Docherty
ISBN: 1856753522
Publisher: Gaia
This book deals with what a Tai Chi instructor should know and examines Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, Unknown Knowns and Unknown Unknowns in all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan. Lost techniques and concepts such as Flying Flower Palm, Running Thunder Hand are taught in some depth.

tai chi bible

The Tai Chi Bible: The definitive guide to decoding the Tai Chi form (Godsfield Bibles)
Dan Docherty
ISBN: 1841814334
Godsfield Press
This book explains the background of the Tai Chi hand form techniques and their application. Weapon theory and practice is also dealt with, as are pushing hands drills, and concepts such as Cai Lang / the Uprooting Wave, Gyrating Arms etc. The full Tai Chi Chuan syllabus can be found in the appendix.

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Tai Chi Chuan: Decoding the Classics for the Modern Martial Artist
Dan Docherty
ISBN: 1847970842 
The Crowood Press
This book for the first time presents an illustrated translation and commentary on the 5 major TCC Classics, as well as the 'Tai Chi Diagram Explanation' of Neo-Confucian philosopher, Zhou Dunyi [1017-73] and General Qi Jiguang's [1528-87] 'The Classic of Boxing.'

complete tcc

Complete Tai Chi Chuan
Dan Docherty
ISBN: 1861260334 
The Crowood Press
This definitive book is the first in English to deal extensively with the concepts of "inside the door" training and the inner art, including therapeutic and martial aspects of Taoist internal alchemy. Featuring 190 photos, the book includes: history, theory, and philosophy; hand form; practical training; weapons; and competition.

The Short Form Book
Dan Docherty
A Digital - PDF version of this book with detailed photos and descriptions of all square short form techniques is currently available for £7 through this website. Please click here to purchase.



[Comparative Hand forms link]

Wu lineage is one of the so-called famous family schools of Tai Chi Chuan. Here for the first time are photos of Wu Jianquan, his son Wu Gongyi, Cheng Wingkwong  and of Cheng Tinhong performing the long form. They all seem to be doing Square Form, a simplified version of the long form. 

This is a 30 page pdf document available for download.  Cost: £15.  Commentary by Dan Docherty.

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Weapons Booklets

Spear £12 +P+P
Sabre £16 +P+P

Digital versions of Weapons Booklets in PDF format
Spear £10

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Sabre booklet - Digital download, now available for £15
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'Short Forms'  * will be available as digital download soon*

'Classics In Action' * will be available as digital download soon*



Re-released DVD from Dan Docherty showing push hands, applications, weapons, hand form

Stay healthy with TCC: £25 plus P+P


'Tai Chi Classics' audio CD - 5 full Tai Chi Classics chanted in Chinese with English & French translations £21

Wudang Hoodies & Polo Shirts Available from_ Dan Docherty

T-SHIRT: (white or black available) £14 + P+P
POLO SHIRT: (black) £24
HOODIE: (black) £36 + P+P


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