Personal Tuition with Dan

Dan runs a weekly class, workshops and residentials at his home, 9 Ashfield Road, Southgate, London, N14 7LA.

Dan also teaches at Venues for Age UK as part of the Fall Stop Prevention Service.

Wednesday evening Class 18:45-20:15:

This class is open to all levels. Please verify your place, under exceptional circumstances, and during camps - Wednesday evenings do not run.
Please email:, call or contact me 00447721867682 or contact through Facebook.

 Workshops at Docherty Towers: 

Dan conducts a monthly workshop covering forms, weapons, tuishou & sanshou. Sometimes the workshop will be themed. Energetics workshops will cover Immortal Family 8 Pieces of Brocade, 12 Yin Nei Kung and their application, 12 Yang Nei Kung and their application.
9th Feb Home Workshop. To book your place
23rd Feb Home Workshop. To book your place.

Residentials at Docherty Towers:
Dan conducts residential weekends from Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday 10-1300 & 14-1700, Sunday 9-1200 & 1230-1530. The aim is to cover each topic in depth so that the general understanding of TCC will be enhanced. Advance booking is essential.
15th-17th February Spear and Sabre Residential. To book your place: 
Instructor Training Course: 1st-3rd March.  To book your place: 


Subjects covered include:

1. Hand form and application.

2. Sanshou & conditioning.

3. Shuai jiao, qinna, dian xue and diepu.

4. Tuishou drills and application.

5. Sabre & Spear forms & applications.

6. Sword form & applications.

7. Tai Chi Classics in Action.

8. Other Neijia iChuan texts + Classic of Boxing.

9. Names & nuimbers in Tai Chi techniques.