It is with great sadness that we have to report that Dan Docherty passed away on 9th December 2021. His memory lives on through this website, his articles, videos, podcasts and in the hearts, minds and teaching of his many students and friends throughout the world.

If you are looking for a teacher in this style, then please visit “Where to Learn” “Instructor Listings” page as although this is not being kept up to date it will provide contact details for a number of his main students.

The PTCCI practitioners Facebook page is useful should you have questions.

Where To Learn


Train with Dan Directly

Classes, workshops, residential or private training in all aspects of the Practical Tai Chi Ch'uan syllabus offered by Dan at his home in London.


Camps, Seminars and Workshops

Details of UK and international one day workshops and weekend seminars schedule offered by Dan. Please click follow the link below.


Events and Competitions

For the latest information see below


PTCCI Instructors

An up-to-date list of registered Instructors will be provided shortly, please check back soon.