It is with great sadness that we have to report that Dan Docherty passed away on 9th December 2021. His memory lives on through this website, his articles, videos, podcasts and in the hearts, minds and teaching of his many students and friends throughout the world.

If you are looking for a teacher in this style, then please visit “Where to Learn” “Instructor Listings” page as although this is not being kept up to date it will provide contact details for a number of his main students.

The PTCCI practitioners Facebook page is useful should you have questions.

Instructor Certification

Certificates awarded by Dan Docherty, Director, PTCCI


LEVEL 1 JING essence junior instructor
LEVEL 2 MING comprehension assistant instructor
LEVEL 3 ZHI judicious basic level instructor
LEVEL 4 HUI vitality intermediate instructor
LEVEL 5 QIAN humility senior instructor
LEVEL 6 XU void advanced instructor
LEVEL 7 REN fortitude master
LEVEL 8 RANG oral chief instructor
LEVEL 9 YU the fool principal instructor

The following is a general guide only, and any level can be influenced by other factors –
LEVEL 1 Basic Postures & Stances done correctly + some knowledge of Tui Shou.
LEVEL 2 Short Form (square & round) + Basic Tui Shou Fixed & Moving Step.
LEVEL 3 Long Form + most Tui Shou Fixed & Moving Step + Basic San Shou
applications + Basic Qigong (Cloud Hands, Tiger Embracing Head, Retrieving Moon from Sea,
Single Hand Sweeps Lotus Leg) + 1 weapon.
LEVEL 4 Long Form (square & round) + 1 weapon + Bai Shi + Major San Shou
LEVEL 5 Advanced Short Form + 2 weapons + Da Lu + 2 person set (sabre &
sabre/staff) + philosophy/theory + conditioning exercises +
12 Yin Nei Gong.
LEVEL 6 3 weapons + 12 Yang Nei Gong or Xian Jia Baduanjin Qigong + most San
Shou techniques + mirror short & long form + 2 mirror weapons forms.
LEVEL 7 Xian Jia Baduanjin Qigong + 12 Yang Nei Gong + all 48 San Shou
techniques (including variations) + 8 forces for each weapon + Zhou Lu + 3 mirror
weapons forms.
LEVEL 8 Cai Lang + Six Secret Words + Fei Hua Zhang + reverse long form + full
weapons applications + additional influencing factors.
LEVEL 9 All aspects of Wudang Tai Chi Chuan + many additional influencing

- in addition to the above, any Level can be influenced by:
good attitude; entering/judging/refereeing Tai Chi competitions; attendance record at
classes/seminars/workshops/camps; teaching classes; organising
seminars/workshops/demonstrations/camps; serving on TCUGB committee; creating
good publicity for Tai Chi; contribution to the Tai Chi community; visiting China and
broadening your own and other peopleʼs general knowledge about the development
and benefits of Tai Chi, writing Tai Chi related articles/reviews etc.

How to apply: Contact your instructor asking for a reference or contact Dan direct for an assessment. There is normally a charge for certification which varies according to level. 
Please contact to arrange payment details.  For those who have previously stored Dan's bank details, please be aware these have recently been updated.

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