PTCCI videos

Dan Docherty nei kung and form demonstration c.1995 with Steve Wooster, Godfrey Dornelly and Ray White.


Shot in October, 1976 by some nice French people who had a couple of strange young Americans travelling around SE Asia with them who practiced 'Spontaneous Boxing'. My sifu is featured with my TCC elder brother, Chow Kim-tong and me. Sifu chain-smoked cigarettes, while Chow and I [who'd both fought and won full contact fights the night before] did Nei Kung demos.

The film also shows the tragic death of a Taiwanese Kung Fu Hercules when one of his stunts went horribly wrong. There's also unusual footage of a student undergoing Sunda whereby he is possessed by the spirit of a martial hero of the past such as Guandi or the Monkey King [this last didn't actually exist, but was one of Tripitaka's attendants in the novel 'Journey to the West'. Sunda is a very dangerous practice indeed and if it goes wrong there can be nasty side effects - referred to as 'walk fire enter demon'