It is with great sadness that we have to report that Dan Docherty passed away on 9th December 2021. His memory lives on through this website, his articles, videos, podcasts and in the hearts, minds and teaching of his many students and friends throughout the world.

If you are looking for a teacher in this style, then please visit “Where to Learn” “Instructor Listings” page as although this is not being kept up to date it will provide contact details for a number of his main students.

The PTCCI practitioners Facebook page is useful should you have questions.

The Wudang Tai Chi Short Hand Form

1. Tai Chi at rest
2. Ready position

3. Beginning style
4. Seven stars style
5. Grasping bird's tail

6. Single whip
7. Cloud hands

8. Pat the horse high
9. Turn the body to face the left

10. Right foot kicks out in a curve
11. Step back seven stars style

12. Step back to beat the tiger
13. Twist the body and kick
14. Box the ears
15. Turn the body to face the right
16. Left foot kicks out in a curve

17. Turn around and kick with the right heel
18. Brush knee twist step
19. Step forward and punch down
20. Step back swing fist

21. Step back snake creeps down
22. Step up seven stars
23. Step back to ride the tiger

24. Slap the face

25. Double hand sweeps lotus leg
26. Draw the bow to shoot the tiger
27. Step back repulse monkey
28. Seven stars style

29. Stroke the lute

30. Parry and punch
31. As if shutting a door
32. Embrace tiger and return to mountain
33. Tai Chi in unity
34. Completion