Qigong Videos

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art which contains soft exercises good for health.The most common generic term for such exercises is 'Qigong' [Energising Exercises]. We at Practical Tai Chi & Qigong have been working with AGE UK on suitable Tai Chi &  Qigong exercises for conditions such as Parkinson's, dementia, falls & lack of mobility. We have redesigned and simplified 'Immortal Family 8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong.'

The exercises are presented in 2 videos. In the Novice film the techniques are demonstrated by Caroline Izzard with a commentary by Dan Docherty.

In the Advanced video, Dan Docherty demonstrates and explain the Qigong exercises from a neurological point of view.

NOVICE - qigong training open to all:

You will receive: 1 basic handout, emailed to you - along with 1 basic qigong video link that for you to download for personal use only (NHS, and care homes, please see the Advanced package below, or contact admin@taichichuan.co.uk for for information)

Suitable for:

- those new to qigong/tai chi practice
- those interested in promoting wellbeing (see NHS website ,)
- those with an interest in developing a capacity to teach qigong for wellbeing groups (subject to further training, see below)

*the demonstrator in this video is a female practitoner of  PTCCI showing the exercises performed in seated/standing - and fully adjusted formats.
Narration is by Dan Docherty.

PRICE: £12

 [you will receive an email, with instructions on how to download your PDF and video via vimeo]

INSTRUCTOR VIDEO (also available for NHS):

In addition to the NOVICE material you will receive: 1 advanced handout, 1 digital video, with Dan demonstrating and narrating the advanced application and method, plus the Novice level adjusted demonstration digital video and adjusted handout.

Available to certificated PTCCI instructors with a minimum of 1 year qigong practice, upon application to Dan, via: admin@taichichuan.co.uk

PRICE: £45

Additional options include :

For further details on training and accreditation contact: dan_ptcci@hotmail.co.uk