It is with great sadness that we have to report that Dan Docherty passed away on 9th December 2021. His memory lives on through this website, his articles, videos, podcasts and in the hearts, minds and teaching of his many students and friends throughout the world.

If you are looking for a teacher in this style, then please visit “Where to Learn” “Instructor Listings” page as although this is not being kept up to date it will provide contact details for a number of his main students.

The PTCCI practitioners Facebook page is useful should you have questions.


 C Gorrie

1. How (and when) did you start?
In 1988 I was plugging away at aikido and discussing martial arts matters over lunch at work with the man who would become My first Tai Chi Chuan teacher. Work was becoming more demanding and my knees and back were giving me gype, so I decided to try this Tai Chi Chuan out.
My first 10 to 12 yrs were with teachers of Ian Cameron’s school.
At around the turn of the century that changed. My then and first teacher, Danny Doherty, brought Dan to Glasgow. And my life was forever changed.

2. Why Practical Tai Chi Chuan?
There is structure, there is creativity and there is solid proven martial ability. There is no mystery, there is work and application to learning. And there were opportunities right across Europe to train at a high level with the master.

3. What is your favourite technique - and why? (in 50 words)
I don’t have a favourite technique.

There are now groups of things that work well together.

On the one occasion I have had to use the art in the wild, the technique used was high pat the horse. This was done without thought. I had to later figure out what had happened as I was told I had repulsed a monkey. It was definitely a horse that got patted.

4. One piece of advice or knowledge you would like to give to fellow practitioners:
One piece of advice I would give is that perseverance pays off. Pay attention and keep training.

And don’t over rotate when riding a tiger.

5. How do you train now?
Currently I teach 4-6 days a week. For myself I do lots of punching with weights and regular internals. There is only so much time and physical condition is essential.



Born 1951 been working on this Tai chi stuff now for over 30yrs. I trained as a nurse and ended my career in the health service as a rehabilitation specialist. I have experience of and some training in group and individual type therapies. Be been teaching now for around 20 yrs.


I now teach and look after Tai chi groups across Scotland. I also work in care homes, with elderly and with disabled groups.