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Current events:

May 25 -28 24 Hours Tai Chi at la Maison du Tai ji Paris

June 2-4 Internal Boxing Texts London, Docherty Towers

June 7-11 Sinemoritz, Bulgaria Camp

June 17 10:30am-3:30pm Workshop, London, Docherty Towers

June 18 Workshop Manchester 11:30am start, Stockport, UK

June 27-2nd July Skovde, Sweden Camp

July 14-17 nr Kaarina, Finland Camp

July 22-23 Scottish Seminars, UK

July 27-30, Rencontres Jasnieres, International Tai Chi Camp in Loire Valley

July 31-4 Aug French Tai Chi Camp at RJ

August 23-26 Cranbrook, Kent Tai Chi Camp, UK

For latest information, please email:, and please check out our Facebook group:



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