Sep 4, 2017


War of the Worlds

Posted by: Dan

I first posted a version of this on FB. [First version was written somewhat under the affluence of incohol when I returned from the lowly Soho tavern frequented by others of my ilk]


DD first full contact

hmmm strange day [August 30th]. Monthly meet of London branch of Royal HK Police. Met old RHKP and ex Glasgow University chum, ex superintendent Dave Inglis who shouted to our pals across the bar that he hadn't seen me since I used my MMA skills on a Chinese Mayweather. Dave told me he was one of a group of Canadian/ oz/ kiwi/uk/ irish/ Chinese police pals who were max 20 people in a crowd of 5000+ at the HK martial arts competition at Southern playground. while my ...few pals were backin me, The rest of HK screamed death and destruction on this lonesome white dude who was derided from the moment he was introduced as a Scottish police inspector and practitioner of tai chi chuan - so no pressure there then. I don't remember it all. except 2 instances - first one - he hit me in face and I responded with an upper cut next I caught his foot and threw him when he tried to kick me. The Chinese crowd roared their disapproval at a white expat cop knocking out the local choylifat and HK judo champ - after 3 months of alcoholic and sexual sobriety, the Pussycat bar was a welcome refuge...
As the day progressed old pal Mike described me as his old kung fu pal world champ. and Big Trev claimed to have both heard and understood my Chinese language [Cantonese] interview on Hong Kong TV when I came back from Malaysia with the Open Weight title at the SE ASian Chinese Kung Fu Championships in 1980. The whole bunch of them then began to refer to me as 'World Champ' and talked of me giving Mcgregor and Mayweather a few lessons, I love these guys but as an afternoon it was excruciating,
On the plus side, today, everyone called me champ and the guys bought me beers all day long.
Anyway forgot to thank all my police pals for their support. When I didn't turn up on time [the night before, my boss, John Wilson, insisted I split a bottle of ginseng brandy with him- he was later given 7 years for corruption. Happily our ginseng brandy was not on the list of charges, having been donated by a police loving restaurant proprietor] my Sifu told my Chinese Tai Chi brothers that I'd bottled it - always great to get that vote of confidence. At least he bought me a beer at The Pussycat. Hope it takes less than another 41 years before seeing Dave again.
best Dan the errrghhhh champ??


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