Oct 6, 2017

You better Belize it!

Happy Enchiladas

Posted by: Dan

Used to think I was a real guid kid, went to church every Sunday n holiday of Obligation. 8 days a week in school, altar boy too. Never thought I'd hit a woman. Hit a lot of folks since that time. Yep women too. It's all about geometry, it's all about lines and buttons. Theirs and mine. First basketball game I played was in Hong Kong. First fight I got into after leavin school was on that Hong Kong morn. Concussed an English dude with 3 head shots. He was such a dumb mofo he wanted to continue. Even Sgt. Peter, our squad's didn't give a shit PTI, even he pulled Stuart away and said it's over. Big Don said they was the fastest punches he ever saw.



I was disappointed. Cheung May-yee, my first Hong Kong  girlfriend saw I was upset afterwards. Told her I was. She asked why. I told her I 'd failed as the dude did not go down. Never made that mistake again.. Fast don't cut it girls. Gotta waste them unrighteous types.

Ain't had any quiet times since those happy enchiladas down in Chetumal just before taking the Batty Brothers bus across the border into Belize. My hotel room overlooked the bay. Every morn I bought grapefruit juice n local rum listenin to Jimmy Cliff n readin about the impending death of Bobby Sands. Happy days./  AFter the rum was finished I headed across to the Crossroads Motel to hit on some black chicks and face down some Brit army NCOs. I had 3 months vacation leave after a 3 year tour of duty, I needed every one of those days.

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