Nov 2, 2017

Tough Girls

The Gentle Sex 

Posted by: Dan

Just back from the land of milk and honey. I remember I first met Dov around 1991. He'd just come back from training in Hong Kong and was in London for a couple of days and could only attend one class. After he did the class he was outraged and said, 'Even the girls here can beat me in pushing hands.' [Mind you, some of those ladies like Esmeralda were pretty tough...] To his credit he came back and kept coming back and has built a great team. Over the years some of his best people have come over to Docherty Towers for extended stays and personal tuition. They have gone on to become excellent teachers in their own right. I haven't had this type of 'Inside The Door Student' for a while, but am opening out this avenue to TCC enlightenment once again. Interested parties are welcome to contact me. I promise not to make them push with 'Tough Girls.'

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