Jan 16, 2018



Posted by: Dan

Old Royal Hong Kong Police pal William Tsang tried to cheer up PTCCI FB Group members by posting an empty force video. Old student and fellow Glasgow University alumni Rob Morton commented on William's post mentioning a certain Doctor Shen Hongxun and a video. 

20 years and more ago, the late, diminutive Doctor Shen featured in a lot of TCC magazines as a skilled man in the field of 'empty force[Kong Jin]' which basically involves making other dudes swoon without touching them. 

 I wrote a somewhat mocking letter after yet another poorly written offering apppared in the TCUGB magazine. I said I had combined the essemce of Tai Chi and Kung Fu to create the new art of Taifu [Typhoo is the brand name of a crap but well known UK tea] and how we practiced skills such as turning wine into water etc.

Well the diminutive Doctor Shen's acolytes were a bit upset and invited me n the guys to travel 500 miles return trip and hang out with them in some place near Wales for 5 days and if we weren't fully satisfied we'd be each refunded our fee of around £400.


Obviously a physical confrontation had to be carefully managed as only yours truly, Big Neil the submission fighter, Simon the ex paratrooper and Rob the tecki were available from Thunderbirds are go [also known as PTCCI] but they only had 80 or so Kong Jin junkies to face us.

I'll put it into Royal HK Police Operational Order format:

SITUATION - various non scientifically tested claims made about Kong Jin; including claim it is highest TCC skill.

MISSION - Scientific evaluation of Kong Jin claims by PTCCI Fantastic 4  

EXECUTION - Rob the Tekki to shoot Video with para Simon as protection. Young Neil holding 2 litre bottle of Evian water watching DD's back as they stroll down the centre aisle of the theatre where around 80 folk are seated, towards the diminutive Doc, a big fat ugly Dutchman called Jan Villem and a  Chinese / English translator, all sat huddled together behind a big table on the stage.

Young Neil and I approach the table. I pointed at Dr. Shen and spoke to him in both Chinese and English, 'Shen Hongshen?'

He nodded.

I told him who I was and told him I was coming to see his empty force and I advised him to use it right then. I turned to Neil, who handed me the 2 litre bottle of Evian water. I sipped it as I made my way to the stage. The trio behind the table with Dr. Shen in the centre neither moved nor spoke.

I walked towards them until I stood towering over the diminutive doctor.

He looked up at me. I looked down at him 

Slowly I began to empty 2 litres of Evian water over his head. His miserable attempt to use his tiny hands to ward off the water only got him even wetter. The translator was transfixed; the fat Netherlander was too far away.


I dropped the bottle and with Neil, Rob and Simon walked briskly toward the exit.

The women reacted first of course - 'Pig!' 'Bastard!' And so on. We'd left the car outside the entrance. We were thru the swing doors and were out of there so fast... 

In the rear view mirror I could see what looked like a bunch of killer zombies coming running after us. 


It is impossible to prove that someone does not have empty force. As scientists, all we can say is whether or not under a given set of circumstances they were able to use empty force. I believe Dr. Shen really thought he could use empty force, but gods and demons can only hurt you if you believe in them. 

Nearly got kicked out of various organisations after that one. I did enjoy the Qi-buster role though. Sorry no video left Rob - maybe Neil / Simon?

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