Aug 7, 2017

Wu style 2 person set

nice ladies dancin.

Posted by: Dan

old pal Michael Ngiam from Singapore sent me this. These ladies move well, but the delivery is non existent  in terms of intent, focus and understanding of the movements. e.g. when Parting Wild Horse's Mane they are lookin the wrong way. When demonstrating Tai Chi Shuai Jiao to the tune of 'Everybody Loves Kung Fu' Fighting with Tong Chi-kin at the 1976 Miss Universe competition in Hong Kong, we cringed every time the choreographer referred to us as 'Tai Chi dancers'. More people [1000 million+ ?]saw me and Kin in that demo for Hong Kong TVB than saw us in all our fights, demos, seminars and classes in the 41 years since. The horror. The horror. It's all come flooding back. The great Wu masters of the past are spinning in their graves.

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